Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I attend RenderSafe, Inc. training?

A: Rendersafe courses have been developed and are continuously audited for improvement to ensure that every presentation offers the students the highest level of relevant concepts and skills to succeed.  Instructors are current or retired local, state, federal and military personnel.

Q: If the training I sign up for requires a vehicle, am I required to provide a vehicle?

A: It is strongly recommended that students provide their own vehicle; however, RenderSafe can provide a vehicle to legally licensed drivers at an additional cost. Please contact RenderSafe for details via email or call 786.309.3344.”

Q: Can RenderSafe, Inc. deliver the training courses in my area?

A: Yes, being based out of Miami, FL provides an excellent opportunity for diverse training environments, but most courses can be presented at venues across the country. Please contact RenderSafe, or email [email protected] or call 786.309.3344 for more information.

Q: Does RenderSafe, Inc. training include scenarios in addition to classroom instruction?

A: Yes, ALL RenderSafe, Inc. courses include scenario-based training where safety permits to ensure that concepts learned in the classroom are practiced and reinforced in reality-based scenarios.

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