about rendersafe, Inc.

RenderSafe, Inc. is based in Miami, Florida and has been delivering very high-quality relevant training for law enforcement officers since 2009. All instructors are Subject Matter Experts in their respective areas that have received formal training and have extensive field experience in their areas of expertise. Specific instructor information will be available only to law enforcement personnel or their departments upon request.

Mission Statement

RenderSafe is committed to providing the most thorough, accurate, and pertinent information for it’s law enforcement and private sector clients while maintaining the highest level of ethical, moral and legal standards.

Core Values

RenderSafe recognizes that providing the most effective and pertinent Training and Planning Solutions requires strict adherence to a set of Core Values that provide a solid foundation to build strong professional relationships with the client. These Core Values include: Integrity, Honesty, Efficiency, Accuracy, Continuity, and Professionalism.


All RenderSafe, Inc. instructors are active or retired local, state, federal law enforcement and military personnel with particular areas of expertise. The Course Coordinator and Lead Instructor, Julio R. Pinera, is a Ret. Lt. from the Miami Police Department. Due to the sensitive nature and high-level investigations and operations that RenderSafe, Inc. instructors have managed or operated in, instructor biographies will be available upon request to active LE agencies or personnel registered for the courses.

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